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Today's Youth in Film

Some of the biggest recent successes of French cinema are portraits of today's youth. This leads me to today's blog post about coming of age…

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A la rencontre des auteurs: prix littéraires 2016

Chaque automne en France, c'est la "rentrée littéraire", une saison où de nombreuses oeuvres sont publiées et mises en avant lors d'une série de remises…

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Revue de presse: les Coups de coeur du New York Times

Rebecca et moi avons compilé pour vous une sélection d'ouvrages traduits en anglais et qui ont attiré l'attention du New York Times. Nous partageons des…

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Interactive Picture Books for Children

Picture books have come a long way! Before interactive eBooks even existed, paper books had already exploded with creativity. Today, there are many ways that…

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Nature in Film

With the recently gorgeous weather here in Boston, we start dreaming of new horizons, and spending more time in nature. How about one of these…

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Nul en sciences mais curieux d'apprendre?

Pas besoin d’avoir 20/20 en math ou de préparer une thèse de chimie nucléaire pour s’intéresser à la science. Vous est-il déjà arrivé de vous…

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So you barely can say "Bonjour"? It's not too early to dive into French culture

As a beginner-level student of French, or someone who is still contemplating learning French, you might be feeling like you are at the bottom of…

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Siblings' wild ride into freedom at this month's Ciné-Club de l'Alliance

Five teenage girls with hair flying away as they ride in the back of a truck in the sunset. Five pairs of legs intertwined as…

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Quand la réalité flirte avec la fiction

Les auteurs de romans s’inspirent de plus en plus de faits réels, que ce soit des faits divers, des réalités sociales contemporaines, ou la politique.…

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Saveurs Littéraires, Poésie Culinaire

Quel est le point commun entre un écrivain goncourisé et un chef étoilé ? Le processus créatif, pardi ! Cette association surprenante a été vue…

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Upcoming Events


Les Gardiens du Jardin

Gouache and ink drawings by Mary Beth McAllister

From May 18, 2017 To Jul 5, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 18 at 6:30 PM

This exhibition features a collection of whimsical gouache and ink drawings of French characters inspired by and fashionably dressed as French packets of garden seeds.

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Hummus and falafel with spices and vegetables
Member Event

New Members Event

Soirée Libanaise

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 6:30 PM To 8:30 PM

SOLD OUT. Explore the colorful culinary tradition and wines of Lebanon, mingle with fellow new members, and discover every corner of the Center!

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French Cultural Center: Cine Club
Thursday, May 25, 2017 6:30 PM To 9:00 PM

Having just been injured in a mugging, Eddie earned the sympathy and attention of his estranged family and got back on his feet. The same cannot be said for Ahmed whose life starts falling apart after he's wrongly accused of the crime. When the case against Ahmed starts to unravel, Eddie has to go back on the defensive.

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