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About this Course

Come join us in a weekly conversation where the students decide what to discuss and how to discuss it. You will express your preferences between politics, news, sports, culture, science, technology, and more, as well as between newspaper articles, podcasts, DVDs and more. We certainly won’t forget the grammar either. As with the content, the grammar is highly adaptable to your individual needs.

Grammar you may cover:

  • The future anterior and simple past tenses
  • Advanced negation
  • Modalisation
  • The present participle
  • Logical articulators

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This [was] my 10th class at the French Cultural Center. I barely studied the language until I turned 50. Most of what I've learned, and I am now B2 Intermediate/Advanced, has been here. The teachers are native speakers. Most have a wonderful sense of humor but also take their work seriously. Classes are in French and are interactive and lively.


My conversation class is usually the only opportunity for me to use the French I have learned, so I am so grateful this Center exists!


Jamaica Plain
[Our instructor] made this class extremely worthwhile through her preparation of interesting ways to present the topic each week and through her presentation of activities that challenged us to discuss the meaningful issues and topics. We were provided lots of new vocabulary each week and given many opportunities for small group discussions to maximize our speaking practice time.

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