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About this Class

Our core language classes will reinforce your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to augment your skills and boost your confidence in French. With a focus on conversational French and active student participation using videos and interactive exercises, you will master the finer aspects of the French language.

Required textbook: Saison 4

Content you will cover

Learn How To
  • Explain ones passions, react in both a negative and affirmative manner, recount and comment on a work of fiction, write a biography
  • Give an opinion on cultural events and media coverage, speak about a dining experience, describe ordinary objects
  • Write informal letters and messages in regards to social events, express personal feelings in writing, write a report based on a radio or television broadcast, present a cultural anecdote.
Society & Culture
  • Learn about psychology, read film and theatre critiques, understand works of fiction, analyze newspaper articles, read and comment on events online, understand excerpts from magazines
  • Comprehend restaurant reviews, read an interview about fashion, discover different opinions about television series, learn about the life of a screenwriter, understand a radio news bulletin
  • React and respond to controversial demonstrations, listen to a cooking show, discover the wines of Bordeaux.

Grammar you will cover

  • Verbal constructions of feelings and emotions
  • Management of tenses when telling a story in the past
  • Marking temporal events (posteriority and anteriority)
  • Refine diction choices
  • Study the literal and figurative sense of words
  • Enrich vocabulary via the use of synonyms
  • Indicate nuances of meaning
  • Underline and highlight the stress of words in a sentence through the use of the following constructions: superlative, negative, indefinite, definite and comparative

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