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About this Class

Students learn, share and discuss major international and domestic headlines. Work with real-world media to strengthen listening ability, conversation skills and vocabulary.

Talk about what’s happening around the world in this class dedicated to the discussion of international and domestic headlines. You will analyze news subjects from across the Francophone world to discover not only international news, but international points of view. The topics will cover a range of subjects: politics, economics, science, sports, culture, ecology, leisure activities, health, technology, weather, etc. Working with real-world media will not only increase your reading and writing skills, but also help you master your ability to express yourself in French.

Class structure:

  • Daily round-table discussions of whatever current events have caught the eye of class participants
  • Presentation of the day’s focus
  • Screening of a film or audio file related to the day’s subject
  • Comprehension and speaking exercises
  • Debates using various specific oral tools to address an audience in various configurations



Using video excerpts, the instructor found many ways to introduce new vocabulary and to get students to speak with one another all through each class!