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About this Class

This class is directed towards any medical professionals that plan on working or studying in a French-speaking country, be it within a hospital or otherwise. There is no textbook for this class; rather, the teacher will distribute pertinent materials in class every week to create a dynamic curriculum. Thanks to authentic documents selected in relation to your particular profession, you'll learn important terminology and expressions that a medical professional needs to interact with patients, navigate a hospital, study medicine, and tackle medical documents written in French. If you are preparing to work with an NGO–such as Doctors without Borders–or to study abroad in a Francophone country, this course is for you!

Class objectives:

  • Master medical vocabulary
  • Learn to facilitate conversations between doctors and patients, other doctors, and medical staff
  • Simulate real-life interactions including consultations, medical visits, staff meetings, and other administrative situations
  • Understand the various nuances of medical jargon as it relates to your particular field
  • Utilize a multi-cultural approach to illustrate the various social and linguistic codes of this profession

Topics to be covered:

  • Healthcare systems
  • Doctor’s visits and prescriptions
  • Vaccines and medical exams
  • Hospitals
  • Patient-doctor relations
  • The medical profession in general
  • Medical vocabulary

Above photo by US Army Africa via Flickr.

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