Rudy de Mattos

Nantes, France


Born and raised in Paris, then nearby Nantes, France, Rudy de Mattos received a Master ’s in German from the University of Nantes and the University of Rostock in Germany before pursuing a M.A. and PhD in French at the University of Texas at Austin where he specialized in Women’s and Gender Studies in French and Francophone literature. As a professor at Louisiana Tech University, Stonehill College, and more recently for BPS, he taught all levels of French language and literature while pursuing his research in gender construction and second language acquisition and teaching methodologies. Rudy collaborated to several French textbooks and online learning platforms. At Stonehill College, he also taught all levels of Spanish. When he is not cooking, entertaining friends and family, or trying new restaurants, Rudy enjoys traveling and discovering new places and meeting new people within and outside the US.

Classes Recently Taught

Morocco Town Asilah Mediterranean Literature

Literature: Mediterranean Francophone Authors

Starting June 28, 2017 1.5 hours per week for 10 weeks

Take a trip to the francophone Mediterranean literature world. From Morocco to Lebanon, you will discover amazing authors all linked by the French language.

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