Find your Level

A placement test is required for all new students with previous French experience who are interested in registering for the upcoming session. This way, we can make sure you are in the right course level.

If you have no French experience—even if you don’t know what bonjour means—that’s ok! We have plenty of courses for beginning adults.

Children are always placed in courses based on their age and native language and do not necessitate a placement test. Placement tests are required for all teen courses.

Written test (required)

Option 1: Take the written test online (we will receive your test results automatically)

Option 2: Print the written test out (PDF) and when complete, you may email it to us, bring it to us in person, or fax it to us 617.262.0611 at least one week prior to beginning of each session.

Oral test (required)

Once you have submitted the written placement test, an instructor will call you at the time that you've indicated on your written test. Your oral skills can also be evaluated in person at the Center but you need to call for an appointment. The oral test takes approximately five to ten minutes, after which the instructor will advise the appropriate course level.

Please note: Oral tests are given in the order in which the written tests are received. Calls will be made Monday through Friday, between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. We will only try to call you three times at your preferred time slot mentioned on your placement test.

Trial Classes

If you would like to try a class before you actually register for it, or participate once in a class, you may do so by calling us one week in advance. Prices are as follows:

  • $30 for 1.5-hour class
  • $45 for 2-hour class
  • $60 for 3-hour class
If you decide to enroll in that class, the trial class fee will be deducted from your course registration fee.