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Wednesdays (May 11 - June 8), 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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About this Class

Students hone not only their language skills but also their business skills. Students will use the Objectif Express textbook and learn the vocabulary and grammar necessary to discuss finance and business in French. Business French offers students the chance to apply their French skills to real-life, professional situations.

This class will cover Unit 2
Unité 2 : "Faites connaissance"

Know how to: Approach a person, ask and give something, introduce yourself and others, talk about yourself talk about your family, Talk about your daily activities, ask and give the time, propose an outing, schedule a meeting, talk about the weather, describe a professional goal, indicate a wish or desire, talk about an ability or skill, understand professional tasks.

Grammar: Spatial Preposition (à, en, au, aux), verbs avoir (to have) and faire (to do), the basic negative (ne…pas); definite articles (le, la, les), ER verbs, Possessive adjectives (part 2), Toniques Pronouns (moi,toi,lui,elle).

Society and culture: Talk about French compagnies, meet and know other people.

Vocabulary: People, pastimes, feelings, identity, relationship, activities area, countries and nationalities, activities on the plane, weather, the seasons, numbers up to 59.

Phonetics: Rising and falling intonation: Quelle est votre adresse? / elle habite en France;pronouncing ER verbs using Present verbal Tense: Je travaille / Ils travaillent.

If you would like to purchase the paper version of Objectif Express, please click here.
If you would like to purchase the digital version of Objectif Express, please click here for the textbook and here for the workbook.