Time Slots

Saturdays, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Session 2 (May 8 - June 12)

$220 for members | $260 for non-members


About this Class

Amusons-nous avec des mots! Join Alysse to improve your writing skills in French and pour your imagination onto the page. This course is perfect for those looking to apply their knowledge of French in a more creative and playful way.  Not only will it help you improve your written French, but it will enhance your overall mastery of self-expression. While continuing to learn and build both vocabulary and grammar, this class will also focus on communicating your creations out-loud. The culmination of your creative sessions will be a poetry slam. Communicative objectives: 
  • create images with words and sentences
  • present your written creation out-loud
Linguistic objectives: 
  • better understand the role of words and fundamental structural aspects of sentences (subject, verb, direct/indirect object complement, tense...)
  • practice and review common verb conjugation (indicative mood)
  • each creation ought to shed light on specific grammatical points
Some examples of possible creations writing cross (a writing game consisting of a verb, 3 nouns and an adjective) / acrostic poem / haiku / tongue twisters (reading and creating) / charades / writing like ... (Robert Desnos, Jacques Prévert)