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Thursdays, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (5 weeks, June 24 - July 22)

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About this Class

Do you have plans to travel to France or Québec or Martinique but have limited knowledge of French? Using subway maps, menus, etc., this class will provide a basis to travel autonomously, from making reservations to making small talk with natives. You’ll learn the vocabulary and phrases necessary to navigate your way around a francophone country and become a knowledgeable traveler before even setting foot on the plane. Bon voyage!

Communicative and linguistic objectives:
-Build vocabulary and expressions to present and describe a place or a situation related to immediate areas of relevance
-Communicate simple and routine tasks requiring a direct and simple exchange of information
-Develop listening and understanding through video, audio samples and textual contents connected to Travels, Customs and habits of living
-Describe experiences and events, hopes and dreams and briefly give reasons for opinions and plans