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About this Class

Our core language classes will strengthen your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to develop your skills and confidence in French. With full immersion from day one and a communicative, task-based approach you'll gain the knowledge you need to embrace the Francophone world!

Required textbook: Saison 2
In this course you will cover Units 5 and 6; pp. 94 to 133.
Student may choose to purchase either the hard copy version or the digital version of the textbook and workbook. Please note that for the hard copy version, a CD player is needed to play the included disc. For the digital copy, the online access code expires after one year.

Content you will cover

Learn How To
  • Talk about clichés, describe social norms, express an interest, explain one’s indifference and ignorance, reassure someone, create a questionnaire.
  • Learn about an exhibit, describe tendencies or habits, talk about an outing, make and react to a proposition, express one’s feelings, post a comment on a forum.
Society & Culture
  • Learn about French people living abroad, how to live abroad, discuss French stereotypes and cultural habits, discover a Senegalese meal.
  • Learn about a cooking and cinema festival in Vaux-sur-Seine, discuss a music and gastronomy festival, talk about the cuisine of the future, read about eating habits.
  • Travel, administrative processes, stereotypes.
  • Outings, programs and exhibits, food, insects
  • The [ã] sound in banc , the [ɔ̃] sound in bon, the [i] sound in pique, the [j] sound in payer.
  • Vowel sequencing and liaison, the sound [R] in ra.

Grammar you will cover

  • The relative pronouns and dont
  • The gerund
  • The pronouns en and y
  • The subjunctive
  • Expressing obligation
  • The verb accueillir
  • Adjective placement within a sentence
  • Restriction
  • The subjunctive tense with emotions
  • The near future and the future tenses
  • The verb craindre