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About this Class

Our core language classes will strengthen your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to develop your skills and confidence in French. With full immersion from day one and a communicative, task-based approach you'll gain the knowledge you need to embrace the Francophone world!

Required textbook: Saison 2
In this course you will cover Units 7,8 and 9; pp.134 to 187.
Student may choose to purchase either the hard copy version or the digital version of the textbook and workbook. Please note that for the hard copy version, a CD player is needed to play the included disc. For the digital copy, the online access code expires after one year.

Content you will cover

Learn How To
  • Outline a choice, make a hypothesis, express anger, disapproval, and intent, make a demand, write a manifesto.
  • Express a goal, express desires or hopes, goals, degrees of certainty, offer encouragement, speak about having commitments, write a concise news report as well as official letters/letters to a sponsor.
  • Communicate your artistic experiences, talk about change, describe the meaning of certain concepts, express your disapproval, speak for a longer duration of time, write a short text that presents your point of view.
Society & Culture
  • Learn about consumption habits in France, consuming sustainably, alternative ways of living, and efforts to minimize waste, different forms of currency in Toulouse.
  • Learn about community youth programs, various volunteer organizations such as Euforia and Les Blouses Rouges. Read about marathon running with sponsor donations, food banks and illiteracy in France.
  • Student housing on the farm, the “rurbains”, the street artist Oakoak, an ephemeral neighborhood in Marseille, the neologism of the year.
  • The economic crisis, statistics and percentages, commerce, money and banking.
  • Social problems, commitment, health and athletics.
  • Housing, the city and the countryside, sociological profiles, urbanism and art.
  • Consonant sequencing in sentence pronunciation, the sound [ɛ̃] in vin, the sound [ã] in blanc.
  • The sounds [u] in outil and [w] in espoir, oral and nasal vowels.
  • Sound games: pronunciation.

Grammar you will cover

  • Cause/consequence
  • Indefinite articles
  • Express the hypothetical in the present tense
  • Form adverbs ending in -ment
  • The verb produire
  • Imperfect tense with hypothetical situations
  • The passive voice
  • Expressing goals
  • Double pronouns
  • The verb vaincre
  • Opposition and concession
  • Avant and après with infinitives
  • Synthesis of the indicative and subjunctive
  • Emphasis using apposition



Back Bay
The classes are active, teachers come prepared and are enthusiastic with the students. A true French experience!


Classes at the Alliance Française are a great way to connect with other motivated people and lovers of France and the French language.


This course, like every course I have taken here, was an absolute pleasure. I looked forward to learning new concepts and vocabulary every week!