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Tuesdays (session 1 June 28 - July 26), 6:40 PM - 8:10 PM

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About this Class

Tired of staring out windows all year, but not ready to travel yet? Not an issue! Open your virtual window to the world with our A la découverte de… series! Exploring French and Francophone regions and countries is as easy as a click of a mouse, as we visit everyone’s favorite destinations, as well as some splendid spots off the beaten path. Most classes are led by locals who are thrilled to share with you the secrets of where they come from!

Prepare to discover Paris as more than a tourist! In this class, you will learn about the main landmarks as well as new places, cultural sites and more, that only Parisians know about. You will get familiar with Paris' arrondissements and discover their particular atmosphere and history.

Communicative and Linguistic objectives
  • Build vocabulary and expressions to present and describe a place or a situation related to immediate areas of relevance. 
  • Communicate simple and routine tasks requiring a direct and simple exchange of information. 
  • Develop listening and understanding through various media on Paris and its surroundings connected to History,architecture, Customs and habits of living. 
  • Describe experiences and events, hopes and dreams and briefly give reasons for opinions and plans.

About Farida Talantikit

Farida began teaching at the French Cultural Center in 2006 after moving to Boston in 2004. She primarily teaches core language classes for adults at the beginner level in addition to intermediate and advanced grammar courses and conversation classes for all levels.

Farida holds a Doctorate in Occupational Health Medicine (a branch of medicine dealing with the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses) from UCL, Bruxelles. She lived in Salon de Provence, France where she taught biology at Avignon University and worked as an occupational health doctor. She also worked for several human rights non-profit organizations in Marseille.

She loves spending time with her family and travelling. She enjoys listening to classical music and reading about the humanities, especially history and cinema, and she is intrigued by people, different cultures and world politics. She also takes great pleasure in cooking.

Above: St. Gervais, Ernest McGray Jr, via Flickr.