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About the Class

This course aims to present you the multiple facets of five of the most vibrant capitals of the French speaking world: their architectural, historical and natural heritage as well as development and economic influences. Learn about the people, natives and immigrants, the languages, natural and adopted, that shape the identity of these cities with a thousand and one jewels to discover together. With Tin as your guide, discover Casablanca, Kinshasa, Dakar, Genève, and Montréal!
Famous quotes and proverbs...
Casablanca: « Vous y sentirez la précieuse et rare influence du soleil qui donne à toute chose une vie pénétrante. » -Eugène Delacroix
Kinshasa: « on n'enlèvera jamais à ma ville de Kinshasa la passion de la vie. » -Professeur Yoka
Dakar: « Quand tu ne sais pas où tu vas, arrête-toi et regarde d’où tu viens. » -Proverbe sénégalais
Genève : « De toutes les villes du monde, de toutes les patries intimes qu'un homme cherche à mériter au cours de ses voyages, Genève me semble la plus propice au bonheur. » Jorge Luis Borges
Montréal: « Mon cœur est à Port-au-Prince, mon corps à Miami et mon âme à Montréal. » Dany Laferrière

Communicative and linguistic objectives:
- Build vocabulary and expressions to present and analyze visual and textual contents
- Expand your verbal skills through a variety of topics
- Acquire skills as an historian, a chef and an enthusiastic tourist!
- Express your opinion through structures discussions
- Use your newly acquired knowledge in context in role plays

About Tin Ramanitrera

Tin is from Madagascar, a French speaking country. Prior to moving to the United States, he was an expatriate in South Africa and Nigeria where he shared his love of the French language by teaching at the Alliance Française de Pretoria and at the Marcel Pagnol French international school. He enjoys meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and interacting with his students. In his free time, whenever possible, he travels and spends quality time with his family.