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Tuesdays (Oct 26 - Nov 23), 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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About this Class

Long relegated to the shadows of their husbands, French queens have nevertheless played an essential role. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Catherine de Medici, Queen Margot, Marie-Antoinette, Joséphine de Beauharnais...

Discover the lives of these exceptional women who knew how to support artists, speak out politically, and sometimes help the emancipation of their contemporaries. To learn the essentials about the events, ideas and characters that have made our history and to debate them with passion!

Communicative and linguistic objectives

  • Build vocabulary and expressions to present and analyze prominent historical figures
  • Expand your reading skills through a variety of applied genres
  • Acquire critical verbal skills
  • Develop listening and understanding through documentaries on women trailblazers 
  • Express your opinions on works and class material through discussions

About Julien Delbasty

Julien wants his students to have fun, be enthusiastic and proud about speaking French, and never be afraid to speak and make mistakes! When he is not teaching, he enjoys reading French novels, studying history, running and (most importantly) cooking and eating good French food.