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Fridays (May 14 - June 11), 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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About this Class

Few countries have mastered gardening as supremely as France. Blessed with a moderate climate, the French have created the best examples of almost every planting style over the centuries, from tamed and clear cut gardens to landscapes designed to render an impression of wildness. Visitors who don't venture into the country's enchanting jardins miss out on experiencing one of France's magnificent obsessions. Join us for a virtual stroll through some of the most breathtaking gardens, while practicing conversational French applied to the given field, even showing off your Green thumbs skills!

Communicative and Linguistic objectives:
Build vocabulary and expressions to present and analyze landscapes and gardens
Expand your reading skills through a variety of applied genres
Acquire critical verbal skills
Develop listening and understanding through documentaries on creative minds, entrepreneurs, gardens and gardeners
Express your opinions on works and class material through discussions

Photo: Gortyna