Time Slots

Fridays (Aug 5 - Sept 2), 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM







About this Class

Vocabulary and grammar alone does not make a French speaker! Even the most advanced French speakers may need to brush up on their diction. This intermediate-level course helps guide you through the tongue-twisting syllables of the French language with a special emphasis on particularly troubling consonants and vowels. Make yourself better understood to native speakers, and learn to hear and produce the native rhythms and sonorities of the French language.

Make sure to take a placement test!

For this class, you will need to purchase Phonetique Essentielle du Francais B1/B2. You can find it on the MEP education website here.

About Julien Delbasty

Julien wants his students to have fun, be enthusiastic and proud about speaking French, and never be afraid to speak and make mistakes! When he is not teaching, he enjoys reading French novels, studying history, running and (most importantly) cooking and eating good French food.