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Our core language classes will reinforce your French through speaking, writing and comprehension activities while providing insights into Francophone culture. Our teachers and curriculum use cutting-edge methods and resources to augment your skills and boost your confidence in French. With a focus on conversational French and active student participation using videos and interactive exercises, you will master the finer aspects of the French language.

Required textbook: Tendances C1/C2
In this class you will cover Units 1 and 2.

Unit 1 « S’informer » (Be informed) Leçon 1 : « Se documenter à l’ère des fausses nouvelles » (Information gathering in the era of fake news) Know how to / Goals: Stay informed, convey an issue/ formuler une problématique , assess sources of information, document effectively Themes: Fake news, veganism Field Applications: Talk about cause and effect, propose solutions, give advice, compose an email Culture: Sources of information, fact checking, eating habits Project: Seek out information Leçon 2 : « Synthétiser des informations » (Synthesize information) Know how to / Goals: Compare how information is handled, synthesize speech Themes: Gentrification, a day without a car Field Applications: Assess the pros and cons, put together a report, reporting commentary Culture: Emerging trends in urban development, the future of transportation Project: Synthesize Documents / Faire une synthèse Leçon 3 : « Faire un exposé » (Give a presentation) Know how to / Goals: Present the subject, structure the presentation, open up new perspectives Themes: Bilingualism, cohabitation Field Applications: Introduce and develop a subject, define a concept, provide factual information, put a presentation together Culture: Bilingual education, scientific research, living all together in a multilingual country Project: Present the results of a research project in the form of a presentation Grammar Unit 1: Interrogative sentences, logical connectors (time, cause, effect, & opposition), the conditional mood

Unit 2 « Comprendre et expliquer le monde » (Understanding and explaining the world) Leçon 1 : « Raconter une suite d'événements » (Outline a series of events) Know how to / Goals: Create a timeline, pinpoint an event in time, follow a progression Themes: Games and sports, changing relationships, social networks Field Applications: Discussing change Culture: The role of recreation in societies, friendship over the course of time Project: Narrate an event as it unfolds Leçon 2 : « Développer une idée » (Develop an idea) Know how to / Goals: Elucidate an idea, state your position, qualify your point of view Themes: Worldviews and language, endangered languages, inclusive writing Field Applications: Explain a phenomenon, give examples, compare points of view, write a memo, interpret a quotation Culture: Language and thought, language and cultural identity, women’s’ place in the French language Project: Write an essay Leçon 3 : « Défendre ou critiquer un projet » (Defend or find fault with a piece of work) Know how to / Goals: Complete an inventory, present arguments for or against, evaluate an educational program Themes: Legalization of marijuana, learning and video games Field Applications: Evaluate a bill, participate in a public discussion, present arguments Culture: Social issues and legislation, technology in the classroom, exchange programs for young Francophones (les programmes de mobilité des jeunes francophones) Project: Craft a project proposal Grammar Unit 2: past and present tenses, logical connectors (and their grammatical categories/parts of speech; Comparatives)