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About this Class

Language in the business world brings a precise set of challenges. If you are someone who requires French for professional development, works within a francophone institution, or is curious about le monde des affaires, this course is designed for you. For students already possessing the B1 intermediate level or higher in French proficiency, this class aims to teach through experience. As such, each section works on mastering a particular element of life in the office. You will learn how to write emails and reports, conduct interviews, draft radio spots, comprehend and analyze press releases and news articles, and compose case studies all while absorbing vocabulary and grammar essential for the industry. No prior business knowledge is necessary to take this class, simply a strong, vested interest in management and economics coupled with a desire to hone your language skills in the work place.

Class materials: Affaires.com, for sale at Center

Content you will cover (Fall 2018)

Unité 1: Acteurs économiques

Learn how to: Classify different types of employees, describe a day at work, identify and class different types of businesses, read and format a business letter, learn about banking services, settle on a job title, learn about collaborative consumption, examine the rights of the consumer, write an email of complaint, explain the role of the government in business, identify available business resources.
Grammar: Question words, indefinite articles, quantities, indirect and direct object pronouns, simple relative pronouns, connecting words (or, mais, donc, en conséquence, sinon), the passive voice

Unité 2: Créateurs d’entreprise

Learn how to: Describe and discuss the past of business founders, determine the necessary criteria for success, analyze the various means for success, learn how to rent a space for professional use, write efficiently using specific composition techniques, compare different businesses, study the opportunities and the formalities that accompany starting a business, define a business-ready economy.
Grammar: The passé composé and the imperfect tense, definite, indefinite and partitive articles, time indicators, the pronouns y and en, stem-changing verbs (appeler, manger, commencer, etc)

Unité 3: Ressources humaines

Learn how to: Understand and dissect a work contract/offer letter, draft a managerial profile, network with project collaborators, compare and analyze different organizational styles/company cultures, prepare/attend/lead a meeting, draft a report summary (of a meeting, for instance), examine and comprehend layoff practices, understand a worker’s right to strike.
Grammar: Complex relative pronouns, si clauses, the simple and anterior future, indefinite pronouns and adjectives, the subjunctive

Content you will cover (Winter 2018)

Unité 4 : Marketing

Unité 5 : Correspondance commerciale

Unité 6 : Résultats et tendances

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