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Discover an artist and a song with us, work on your comprehension, discuss various topics with other students, in a fun and light musical atmosphere! We will also focus a little bit of our attention on some grammatical particularities of the studied song, in order for you to leave the class with a singing mind and reinforced French skills! For the next five weeks, discover what the Eighties were like on the French musical scene! Ne vous inquietez pas, we won't make you sing!

About Michaela Jordan

Michaela was raised bilingual (French and English) in Southern Burgundy, by a family who has dedicated their lives to the wines and spirits industry. She has studied Languages and Education at University Lyon II and has been intermittently teaching French to students, in England and the United States, since 2013. Michaela has taught courses on French Language, Culture, Literature, and Translation, from introductory to advanced.This year, she has been working towards getting a second master's degree in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College. When Michaela is not teaching at the French Cultural Center, she is teaching at a local French school. In her spare time, she loves to bake, climb, and travel.

Above: Brigitte performing at Paris Plage in 2011, photographed by R. Gacogne.