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Monday to Friday (Session 1 - Oct. 5 - Nov. 6), 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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About this Class

Our classes help children develop their skills in four key areas of language following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: speaking, oral comprehension, reading and writing. Our teaching methodology caters to different types of learners – whether visual, auditory or kinesthetic – through a natural learning cycle using structured and leveled activities based on the textbook Zig Zag 1 + by CLE International.

Our accelerated class is designed for children without prior experience to advance rapidly in their French learning. Through daily exercises and activities, children learn and retain information at a much greater rate and develop the habit of listening to and speaking French with their teacher and each other.

Like our weekly class, children will evolve from understanding new words in French with flashcards and memory games to producing them in a variety of contexts. They will gradually gain independence and confidence through structured role plays, all while getting to know the characters in their textbooks who guide them through their language learning adventure.

With an emphasis on authentic communication, our task-based approach helps children develop an understanding of the basic grammar and spelling of French. More than just learning a new language, they will interpret the world from a different perspective.

Classes will take place Monday through Friday for 30 minutes.