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About this Class

In this course you will read autobiographical works that depict the beginning of a writer’s life, that is to say his or her childhood. If the autobiographical writing promises that what an author will tell us is true, he or she is nevertheless confronted with the vagaries of memory, the misfortune of forgetting. In the memory of childhood one cannot underestimate the part of invention and nostalgia; we might even consider it a questioning of reality. Through major works of the 19th and 20th centuries, we will examine the points of contact and difference between autobiographical genre, confession, romance, history and journalism.

Summer Session Reading List

  • Alphonse Daudet - Le Petit Chose (1868)
  • Pierre Loti - Le roman d’un enfant (1890)
  • André Bazin - Vipère au poing (1948)
  • Monique Wittig - L’Opoponax (1964)
  • George Perec - W ou le souvenir d’enfance (1975)
  • Please note that the reading list does reflect the order in which the books will be discussed in class.