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About this Class

May '68: a date that, for France, continues to inspire debate across sociopolitical spheres. In this class, we will take a moment to reflect not only upon the repercussions of May 68, but also on those moments preceding these unforgettable events. By selecting works that stem from before, during, and after this volatile period of civil unrest, this course will attempt to establish a dialogue the covers the causes and complaints, the concerns and the consequences that fanned the flames of what one might consider to be France’s “social” revolution. The ensemble of texts studied will illustrate the various facets of this fascinating historical moment.

Spring Session Reading List

  • Mai 68, Le débat
  • Guy Debord - La société du spectacle
  • Maurice Blanchot - Le mouvement de Mai 68
  • Michel de Certeau - La prise de parole et autres écrits politiques
  • André Malraux - Malraux face aux jeunes

Please note that the reading list does reflect the order in which the books will be discussed in class.