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About this Class

In this course, you’ll discover great works of French and Francophone literature while you work on your language skills. Over the course of ten weeks, you will be introduced to both modern and classic literary works. You will engage in lively book discussions that will focus on furthering your understanding of not only literature but also the French language. Five to six books and plays are discussed throughout the course. Books are available for purchase and for free in the list below.

Winter Session Reading List

    • Balzac - L'Envers de l'histoire contemporaine
    • Jean Cocteau - La Machine infernale
    • A. Ernaux - Les armoires vides
    • M. Yourcenar - Les Songes et les Sorts
    • Yasmina Khadra - Les Agneaux du Seigneur

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Cocteau Option 1 Option 2N/AOption 1
Erneaux N/AOption 1 Need to open an account to access it Option 1
Yourcenar N/AN/AOption 1 
Khadra N/AN/AOption 1