Sally Assaad



Sally is from Egypt where 2.8 million people speak French as their native language. She studied French Literature in Alexandria, and is excited to share her unique perspective on her native corner of the Francophone world, from the extraordinary history to its famous sense of humor!

Classes Recently Taught

Les Ateliers du Samedi !

9 to 12 Years old
Starting May 16, 2020 1h/week for 4 weeks

A fun way to sample a mix of our creative courses past and present! Children will be exposed to arts & crafts, theatre, the Francophone world, and science.

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Les Canards

4 Years old
Starting January 11, 2020 1.5 hours per week for 10 weeks

A fun and dynamic class for young children learning French as a foreign language that focuses on developing speaking and listening skills through language immersion activities.

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