Sandra Chaouche

France and Tunisia


Sandra was born in Paris, but spent her childhood under the sun of Tunisia. She returned to Paris for her studies, afterwhich her curiosity for different cultures of the world brought her to Montreal. After working for various cultural organizations and international festivals typical of the Montreal cultural life, she moved with her family to Boston.

Classes Recently Taught

B2-3/4 | Lupin: the Legend

Starting May 12, 2021 1 hour 30 minutes per week for 5 weeks

Discover the collection of novellas that started the myth… First published in 1905 in the French Magazine "Je Sais Tout," Maurice Leblanc’s "The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar" depicts the origin, the life, the crimes, and the adventures of one of France’s favorite criminals.

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A2-1 | Advanced Beginner French 1 - Slow-Paced

Advanced Beginner
Starting April 7, 2021 1 hour 30 per week for 10 weeks

Enjoy a slow-paced class! 90mn once a week to give you confidence and time to learn.

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A2-4 | Advanced Beginner French 4

Advanced Beginner
Starting April 6, 2021 3 hours per week for 10 weeks

This class will give you the skills to understand a tourist brochure, reserve a stay somewhere, research a destination online, express your indifference towards a situation and more!

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A2-1 | Advanced Beginner French 1

Advanced Beginner
Starting April 5, 2021 3 hours per week for 10 weeks

Time to go beyond the basics! Gain the grammar, vocabulary, and confidence you'll need to comprehend an excerpt from a piece of literature, describe a photograph, share a memory (happy or otherwise), read a tourist manual, and much more.

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B1-4 | Intermediate French 4

Starting April 3, 2021 3 hours per week for 10 weeks

Delve deeper into the Francophone cultures around the globe while honing your language skills: understand a scientific documentary, learn about young, francophone thinkers, explain a scientific discovery, present the pros and cons of an innovation in technology, give your opinion, imagine the future. and more!

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