Sophie Lowery

Paris, France


Sophie is a native of Paris, France where she also graduated with a degree in business. After moving to the United States and settling in Boston, she obtained a graduate degree in business administration, became a licensed Project Management Professional, and started a business. Her desire to transmit her native language and culture to her children inspired her teaching career. She has taught French to children and adults for the past several years. In her free time, Sophie likes to paint French landscapes and travel the world as much as possible!

Classes Recently Taught

Corporate French

Starting January 10, 2019 90 minutes per week for 10 weeks

In this course, you will learn to communicate in written and spoken french while dealing with the corporate world.

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Advanced Beginner French 4 Accelerated

Advanced Beginner
Starting July 26, 2018 6 hours per week for 5 weeks (July 26 - August 28)

This class will give you the skills to make demands, discuss social issues and talk about change, as well as other tools to help you take charge of your French education!

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Advanced Beginner French 3 Accelerated

Advanced Beginner
Starting June 21, 2018 6 hours per week for 5 weeks (June 21 - July 24)

Time to go beyond the basics! Gain the grammar, vocabulary and confidence you'll need to write a poem, talk about your interests, ask for help putting together the perfect outfit and much more.

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Advanced Beginner French 2 Accelerated

Advanced Beginner
Starting May 8, 2018 6 hours per week for 5 weeks (May 8 - June 7)

Do you want to write tweets, listen to a radio broadcast from Africa and reminisce about your favorite retro styles? Do you want to do all of that in French? You can! Plus you'll improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills at the same time.

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