Improve your French skills with a private instructor when it's convenient for you!

Private lessons are a great way to get customized private one-on-one and semi-private instruction at your own pace. With private lessons, you get to pick what you cover with your instructor. You can study with a book, or focus on conversation skills or work with video and audio material. In the past, students have registered for private lessons before moving to a French-speaking country for work or school, pursuing culinary studies in Paris and working as doctors throughout Africa. Let us help prepare you for your next adventure in French!


The majority of our teachers are native speakers and come from different parts of the world. You may learn a little more about them by reading their biographies. Our instructors have various schedules. The more options you give us in terms of availability, the more efficient we will be in finding an instructor for you.

Private lessons can be scheduled:

  • In person at the French Cultural Center
  • Off site at your home, office or another location (depending on instructor’s availability)
  • Online


At the FCC:
$60 per hour or $540 if you buy a 10-lesson pass.
$90 per 1.5 hours or $810 if you buy a 10-lesson pass.

Premier & Mosaïque Member Costs:
$60 per hour or $510 if you buy a 10-lesson pass.
$90 per 1.5 hours or $765 if you buy a 10-lesson pass.

For semi-private lessons, costs are $32.50 per student per hour or $295 per student if you buy a 10-lesson pass. Semi-private lessons can accommodate 2 to 3 persons maximum.

Hourly rates are the same as listed above + $0.54/mile + $10 fee per lesson. The mileage calculates the round-trip distance between your address and the French Cultural Center.

$55 per hour or $495 if you buy a 10-lesson pass.


  • Tuition and fees must be paid before lessons can begin. Private lessons are non-refundable.
  • For on-site, all students must check in at Reception prior to each private or semi-private lesson as well as sign the attendance sheet during their lesson.
  • Lessons bought on a pass must all be of the same duration.
  • Rescheduling a lesson: students must give a 24 hours’ notice to the teacher and/or the Education Dept. Late cancellations will result in 1h deducted from your credit.

  • Online classes via Big Blue Button

    Are you eager to learn French but unable to come to Boston? Do you want to study French from the comfort of your couch? Thanks to our online French courses, you can do just that!

    Our online classes, possible through a software called Big Blue Button, are designed to give you all the amenities of language classes with a teacher from the French Cultural Center without the hassle of leaving the house. With flexible hours, you can schedule your classes throughout the week at any time—morning, afternoon, or evening—and classes are available for any level, ages 12 and up. There is no need to download anything; you can access these classes through your Canvas account, an online communication tool required for any online course here at the French Cultural Center.

    What is Big Blue Button?

    Big Blue Button is a plugin created by the online learning platform Canvas to host conferences online. It allows you and your teacher to interact with a digital whiteboard, screen-sharing capabilities, video and audio, and a chat function. Once enrolled, your teacher will send you a document detailing how to use Big Blue Button.

    How does it work? Once you have completed our placement test and returned it to us via email, fax, or in person, we will assign you an instructor and suggest potential times for a series of online classes, purchased in blocks of 10 hours. Your instructor will then invite you to make an account and join Canvas. If you have any problems, please refer to this document with instructions on how to use Canvas.

    Upon creating and validating your Canvas account, you can communicate with your instructor to set up class times and participate in virtual, private and/or semi-private classes.

    Please note: this feature is available uniquely via your computer and will not function on a tablet or mobile phone. You must also have a webcam, speakers, and a microphone or a suitable headset in order to participate in these online courses.

    Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our Education Administrator at 617-912-0415 with any questions.

    Placement Tests

    For all of our classes, group or private, a placement test is required. This test helps us to have a better idea of your level and give our teachers the information necessary to prepare for your first class together. Therefore, if you have not done so, please complete our written evaluation. It should take between 15 to 20 minutes. Your instructor will complete the oral evaluation during your first private lesson.

    Please fill out this form so we have a better idea of your objectives and availability in order to find a professor for you

    (Full time, part-time, student, unemployed etc. This helps give us a better idea of your availability)

    How many times a week would you like to have private lessons?

    (Days & times. The more options you give us, the faster we will be able to find a professor for you)

    If you have taken French before and are not sure of your last level, please open our placement test in a new window and write "see placement test" in the box above once you have successfully submitted it.

    Please tell us a little bit about why you are taking private lessons, in order for the professor to create lesson plans pertinant to your needs

    All fields labeled * are required